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Founded by the founders of IIIIO Digital, Binary Click is Digital Consultancy with a mission to facilitate the Digital Transformation Movement in Canada. 

We specialize in Brand Development, Marketing Automation and Conversion UI with over seven years of experience to boast. Our goal is to help you build seamless, direct communication with your target audience and position yourself for scale in the process.



"It was fantastic to work with them as always – professionalism was off the charts excited to continue working here."

Marvin (Fetch Story)

"...highly productive and knowledgeable. Throughout our collaboration, Will was patient to our questions and provided great input to our design. Our team was especially impressed by his UX/UI knowledge as well as his proficiency. He became more like a team member rather than a web developer who worked on our project. I would strongly recommend Will and look forward to working on other projects with him in the future."

Nancy (BioHues Digital)

"Smart, trustworthy and professional . You will not be disappointed."

Lana (Women Who Freelance)

"As a writer, having a professional website is a definite asset. Will and his staff did a fantastic job getting my site up and running. I have received a lot of positive feedback on it. He delivered a quality project in a timely fashion and answers any questions I may have. I highly recommend Will!"

Tracilyn (Tracilyn George)

Fetch Story
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We create a custom digital strategy that focuses on revitalizing your pipeline, improving conversion and focusing on the purpose of the objective of your product.